SEO drives 1,000% more traffic than social media. Including this statistic, there’s an abundance more, proving the sheer value of this tremendous digital marketing strategy. But although it can produce excellent results for those who implement SEO strategies correctly, many fail because they don’t know how to succeed within this sector. 

Therefore, almost all B2B or B2C businesses outsource their SEO management and data analytics services to optimize growth. However, there’s a lot of misconceptions within the industry. Many believe it’s a “luxury” or “expensive” service to purchase. But they couldn’t be more wrong. 

To understand further why you should be thinking about SEO management and data analytics services and how Bright Design Studio Can Help, I suggest you become knowledgeable on the below: 

How correctly implemented SEO can help your business 

SEO has blown the digital marketing space by storm by providing businesses around the globe immense return on investments (ROI). To help you visualize what your business (big or small) can receive from properly conducted and applied SEO, here’s what you need to know: 

  • Increased website visitors – Organic search (aka SEO) drives 51% of all web traffic. That’s more than social, paid, and various other traffic sources combined. Therefore, hiring an SEO management and data analytic team could significantly boost your total visitors. 

  • Focused keyword targeting – SEO is superb, but only if the targeted and optimized keywords make sense. Failing to make them brand-related could result in inaccurate targeting. But with well-executed SEO management, your website could rank on an ample of different SERPs ranging from global to localized. 

  • Less work, more rewards – Lastly, by having correctly applied SEO conducted on your website, you can work less and reek more rewards. You skip the process of developing content towards challenging keywords and target those that your domain can successfully locate itself on the SERPs. 

The above brings us onto this next section perfectly. There are many myths about SEO management, data analytics, and the whole consulting side of this digital marketing technique, but our team is here to eliminate them completely.  

What can Bright Design Studio Offer You? 

SEO services get a lot of stick for being incredibly expensive, unworthy, and non-trustable. However, here at Bright Design Studio, we remove these thoughts from the equation and showcase brilliance throughout. If you want to boost your businesses revenue far beyond its expected limits with SEO, then here’s how we can help: 


Here at Bright Design Studio, we show professionalism through the entire process of applying SEO to your website. You can expect us to withhold optimal expertise from the initial consulting session, implementation, to the whole data analytics side.  

The entire process from start to finish requires a lot of care and attention. However, a service that must involve the utmost quality is the consulting period. During this time, you get to express your business, its goals, target audience, and much more. Here we can begin developing an SEO management plan, which is uniquely strategized to your requirements. 

Additional traffic is excellent, but only if it’s a suitable audience. By undergoing our SEO services with in-depth consulting sessions, we’ve provided a multitude of different clients results they were hoping for. 


SEO is well-known to captivate around 40% of the total revenue for websites that correctly apply this digital marketing technique. Because of this exact reason, many entrepreneurs, and small or large businesses, believe that outsourcing these services is expensive. Which they should, as tons of different providers massively overprice their SEO management and data analytics services.  

However, Bright Design Studio is much different compared to our competitors on the market. In the world of SEO and its services, there are two primary costs you’ll need to consider. 

  • SEO management and analytics costs – Many companies that supply this service charge a flat hourly or total fee. However, it shouldn’t be this way because depending on the country, audience, and goals, successfully scaling its search reach might not require the same effort. 

Therefore, we charge our services based on an array of different metrics, such as budget, target countries, keyword research, and the strategies chosen to implement this marketing technique.  

  • Advertising costs – To boost your SERPs appearance, many clients spend additional funds on PPC advertising on search. By doing this, you start generating on-page time, new visitors, and various other factors which enhance your current rankings. 

Again, many people believe this is an outrageously costly expense, but it isn’t. With our search advertising professionals, we create cost-effective plans. By doing this, our clients can receive maximum output with minimum money input, making it the perfect trade-off.