Creating a website isn’t an easy task to do. It requires time, planning, and motivation. There are a number of people around the globe working in the online market to offer services to their clients through their media. Few of them are selling their products through high-end online stores, and some of them are in this field to provide knowledge to their audiences. So, different people are working from a different point of view. Most of the websites working on the web are there to grow their businesses as we are entering into a new online era where people tend to do business while sitting at their homes.

Why is it really important to plan before building a website? 

The answer is quite simple: you just need to know what your target audience is and what services you offer them. You must have a clear mission in your mind that people come to your website and get influenced after reading the content. You need to focus on these things first before planning your journey towards building a website. 

Building a website has plenty of advantages, especially if you’re a businessman. Your business always needs to attract more audience, and that can be easily done by attracting people through your online store website. On a business website, you can easily add products that are available to your shop so that buyers could easily verify before visiting your place personally. You can also provide them an option to buy your products through online payments. You can also promote your website through highly populated social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get more views through paid promotions. So, building a website is important to all businesses these days.  

The Ultimate Checklist


Have you managed to understand your user’s mind? What are their preferences? Are they looking to find something engaging? This is all that you need to know before creating your website. Users have their emotions, and you need to dive into those emotions to get beneficial results for you and the users at the same time. There is no need to hurry—plan your things according to the user’s perspectives. That’s how you are going to be a successful owner of the website. You get profit, and users get what they want best from your site. That’s how it will be perfect execution of your plans.

The second thing you need to plan is the overall look of the pages you created for your users to see. For example, you have created a website like Amazon. Do you want your users to see the pricing page? Are there any options available for users to add products to their carts? Will they be able to see discounts on your products? Is your product available globally? What are the shipment charges? All these questions must be in your mind in the very first place. Your pages should make an impact on your user when he leaves. If you’re unable to do so, it would be a great loss and a potential buyer for your business.

Website Rankings 

The ranking of your website matters a lot. It would not be advantageous if you’re unable to reach your audience. So, related to your rankings, you must need to ask yourself these questions. Have you prepared your keywords for better ranking? Is your content ready to be uploaded? Does it have a good readability score? Are you targeting an audience from a specific area or planned to go beyond it? Are your metadata, titles, and content SEO Optimized? If you haven’t answered these questions, you may need to start your work from scratch. Expect these parameters; your site can’t be ranked higher on Google or any other search engine. SEO optimization is the most important parameter for ranking your website. The relevant content can provide you enough users to sell your products.

The ranking of your website isn’t the only thing you need to take a special look at. There are other factors, including website speed, onboarding, the structure of your URL, tracking, and code snippets. You need to check on the list of the countries where your website will be viewed. You can monetize your website according to the website visitors and surveys. Also, there is a need to check your competitors as well. Check them to make changes according to the needs of users.

What about your referral programs? Are they working well to bring traffic to your pages? If your referral program is working great, do you have a link that pops your website page to your users? Last but not least—your website URL, does it make sense? Is it meaningful enough for a better understanding of the users? Is it optimized?

Design of your Website 

Visual designing of the website is the most beautiful thing that makes your user stick you your page for longer periods. If it isn’t attractive or dull, users don’t stay and decide to go anywhere else. What color schemes are you planning to choose for your website? Do you have anything in your plans regarding the text color, font size, and pictures? Would you like to have a creative background picture with some light colors? What about a video introduction to your website? Do you have your customer support chatbots? Are there any reaction GIFs? 

Is there any strategy to run your website on iPhone, Android, or laptop? These devices have different interfaces and don’t show one site the same on each device. How are you going to manage your screen size according to the device? What will be the size of the pages? Is there proper alignment of your page texts, picture, and background? Website pages need to be addressed according to the user’s device. There is a possibility where your website credentials hide under each other, and it gets difficult to click on the desired tabs. It is a very frustrating thing to experience for a user. So, you need to see how your website works from device to device. 

The graphics of the website are important as well. There shouldn’t be itchy colors which could stress the users. Use White or black colors as these are liked the most by website designers. Several website designers offer their services to their valuable clients in this category. Bright Design Studio offers high-quality website designing services to users like you. You can email to Bright Design Studios for their assistance in a very affordable package if you are interested. 

Data and Search Bars

What kind of data are you going to show when a user attempts to find something on your website? Is it in the form of tables, or are there any pictures? Will it be a small data or a larger one? What will be at the top or bottom of the list? Is there anything you have coded if your user doesn’t find anything on your website? What message will he receive? 

How are you planning to order your products on your website? Are they going to be in alphabetical order? Are they going to be on the list according to the prices? Or is there any method you have in your mind to pop up things according to the user’s desires? How will you show time when two people buy from your website sitting in two different countries? Will it be the same for both users? What if they sign in to their account on your website? Is it okay for them to save the sign-in password? Are they going to find their saved item in their account even after they log out? Do you have any backup plans for your website data? All these questions need to be answered before and during the building process of a website. 

Example of an amazing by our designer, Maud.


Most of the users come to see comments on your product’s page. They always want to make sure if they are buying the right item for them. Would you allow users to comment/like on your page? Would they be able to rate your products after buying? Would you allow them to comment or rate in their language? Or is there multilanguage access available on your website? Would you allow users to share your posted content? If yes, where can they share your content? Would you ask for passwords to share anything on social media? Would you send emails to users regarding new products and content?

These are few commonly asked questions when users try to sign in on a website page, especially if he is trying to buy something on a website page. User preferences are the ones you need to focus on all the time as he wants himself to be respected in many ways, like in terms of security and his personal saved data to your website. Many high-rated websites like Facebook works with an immense load of data saving user information without leaking their user’s data. They protect and don’t allow anyone to intercede his/her account without the user’s permission. They are making their servers more and more secure to avoid unusual sign-ins. Even if you forget your password, they will go to their limits to verify your identity. That’s how things work on these sites. If you want your site to be more secure, you must protect user data first. It will give you and the user more benefits in terms of business.


Is it easy to go back to your website’s homepage? Are there any pages available to show when your website shows some error? Do your website pages have consistency in them? What kind of message will your user receive after buying something from your website? Is there a thank your message, or will he be taken to another page for thank you for a message? Would you allow users to see their bought products in a list? Would you like to show relevant products to him after buying something, or will there be another plan of showing something else on the list?

All these are important parameters for a website owner to take a deep look into it before creating a website. There is no other option available for the owner to hire some professional to do this kind of task for you. Bright Design Studio offers all these services in quick turnaround with full efficacy.  

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