Advertising is the best medium to liaise with your customer about your products or promoting your services via ungraded modernized standards of living. It can reconstruct the caliber by certain endorsements or marketing strategies when linked with the technology such as social media platforms which serves to be the best partner in your astonishing journey of success.  Chinese Social media platforms such as Weibo, Little red book (小红书)WeChat, BingAds and several others provide ventures for exceptionally raising your sales in the modernized world of marketing especially China which endorse high standards of digitalization.

The sole impetus of any business plan and strategies is to sell products or services unanimously to earn profit by engaging more public and reputing business thus resulting in more sales. Your strategies will be useless if it cannot engage more people or if it is not accessible to every person, so advertising is the foremost factor of a successful business plan.

MYTHS: Advertising has to be expensive. Not really, with the new digital applications out there- it’s based on project budget, time frame and platforms used.

Importance of KOLs in the remarkable success

KOLs or key opinion leader depends on a targeted audience or more precisely experts on a certain topic. It is more particular to a specific niche to implement a strategic plan that upholds KOLs. They are considered to be a critical component that is determined to embrace marketing plans for the upcoming era.

Whenever you start a business you need to have expertise on a particular trend or niche which will engage you with millions of audience indulged in your specificity. This would bring remarkable changes in your plan of implementation. If you are an expert in a certain niche you will capture the audience with the same interest. If you run an online boutique people will start trusting you for that but if you post something relevant to cooking in that people won’t accept that or you may end losing your authenticity.

Here are some important points that show the expedients of KOLs.

  • Trust and authenticity in your business or services

  • Engaging and targeting a specific audience

  • Accessibility to the community interested in your niche 

  • More reach out to the audience resulting in more sales.

 This will help you connected more with the audience which can ultimately end up boosting your sales worldwide. People can easily turn to you by using specific keywords or hashtags that are closer and related to niche or product. Though this is not a synonym for influencer but more or less it has the same meaning.

Distributions in marketing 

Scaling is done to approach the international market with consolidated services and integrating into an advanced level solution which is not beneficial for a local level market but has remarkable effects on the international marketing industry.It is important to collaborate with the best advertising platform in 2020 in order to unravel the benefits of social media platforms for marketing by executing the best plans for your successful future business.

It is important for you to understand how tools and technology work for a local market that has effective techniques to drive a business structure and incorporate creative and effective ways of impression for your reputation. Distribution is a way to reach out to customers to deliver products or services. China’s market gives opportunities to scale up your distribution to foreign distributors which eliminates any central point of marketing for foreigners. It focuses more on logistics and distribution hubs by the privatization of local channels and concentrating on the markets that are based on the wholesale.

The USA is another place to zeal market for exporters with high competition resulting in minimum opportunities. As it is a very demanding platform for groundwork with high authenticity. 

Modification in brand awareness strategies 

Brand awareness convinces people to buy the service or product based on its authenticity and trust which can be developed by several campaigns and strategies to build up a solid foundation of trust, confidence, and a welcoming environment to boost a business plan which has an impeccable impact on growth.

  • The utmost factor that contributes to enhanced sales is the cross-cultural advertising campaigns by shedding off all the stereotypes embraced in Chinese or west society. USA market place is one of the most growing markets after China due to the dynamic spectrum of the import-export system that strongly focuses on generalization without imposing any geographical barriers towards technology and success.

  • The other factors that are contributed are the socio-economic stability or referral pricing that plays its major part in a powerful marketing strategy. As in China, the most effective technique considered is” seven appeals” as the best turn out marketing initiative. Referral pricing is significant in accordance with the public interest in the tremendous transformation of a strong business community.

The USA has been ranked first in the advertising whereas China as the third with the susceptibility of being the first one in the upcoming future due to the fact that it provides opportunities for the worldwide advertising industry also aiding their product advertisements abroad. The fuel for any marketing industry is social media platforms or digitalization to communicate the world about the best services or products which can be in the form of blogs, video tutorials, and acknowledgment of search engine optimization. This can also be promoted by hiring the best advertising platform which understands all your concerns and queries and helps to boost your business by providing unblemished ideas of success with favorable outcomes. 

Corona outbreak causing a revolution in the online market 

Coronaviruses are a gathering of related RNA infections that cause sicknesses in warm blooded animals and feathered creatures. In humans, they cause respiratory parcel diseases that can run from gentle to deadly. Gentle sicknesses in people incorporate a few instances of the normal cold, while more deadly assortments can cause SARS, MERS, and COVID-19. In bovines and pigs the symptoms of coronavirus is diarrhea, while in mice the symptoms can be hepatitis and encephalomyelitis. There are up ’til now no antibodies or antiviral medications to forestall or treat human coronavirus diseases.

This pandemic has impacted our daily life gravely. Apart from that, the lockdown situation was even worse. Beginning from China then USA and other European countries are badly affected by a great fall in the economy. Due to this outbreak, no one can visit the local market for Shopify purposes even not for the grocery or basic hose hold stuff due to great fear of being affected by COVID-19. Thus most of the markets and brands are shifted to online Shopify stores in order to meet the demand of the circumstances.

So there is a great setback for the online market which increased their sale by about 40% revolution in their online stores. It has also affected the employment opportunity by 6% being jobless in the UK and a great no. of jobless people all around the world. Thus online market helped people sustain their lives in this critical situation which is rising freelance and marketing gradually.

Online approach affecting economy; China vs USA 

In this pandemic, the only approach that saved the economy of the country in China or USA was an online market and advertising. Advertising in China is a functional form attracting more by focusing on promising a life way better by a combination of cultural values and advertising appeal. 

Marketing in China is extensively accepted with the terms of open-door policy which is compelling the attention of other agencies in the west. People from the west are free to advertise in China with the aim of providing with the best services or products with great reviews. Some of the Chinese products are advertised by exaggerating their qualities which can never be acceptable by consuming unless it proves its claims. Client consumer behavior is more important in terms of selling smart products or services.

Best advertising platform 2020 

As discussed earlier advertising is the key module for an overwhelmed customer behavior which could lead to enhance selling priorities to an upgraded level of trust and worth. Customer acquisition is the one-way target to approach the desired outcomes and sales.

Advertising chooses the fate of any particular business based on strategy or reviews assigned by the public response. So here the best advertising platform 2020 can enhance the opportunities of endorsements for your peculiar business plan with the aid of best strategies to remold your sale ideas and targets. It can help you to reconstruct or alter the whole phenomena of advertising with its master planning.

MYTHS: Advertising has to be expensive. Not really, with the new digital applications out there- it’s based on project budget, time frame and platforms used.


One of the greatest ways to bring transformation in your business field is to engage more and more public by re-targeting by using certain platforms such as Facebook, Google Ads, Youtube (West) + Weibo, Wechat, Bing Ads, Xiaohongshu (China) can be the game changer for your business strategic plan or by simple campaigns or webinars to aware and recommend more people creating more opportunities for them to be a part of your sales program. Google search ads can also be the one best advertising platform to boost your sales with perfect marketing strategies.

All the strategies are mentioned for ones seeking advertising to business in the different parts of the world such as China, USA, or Europe with authenticity and trust as a key point to all emerging peeps.