Suppose you want to become successful in the forever developing digital world. In that case, your branding, website, SEO, and content strategy needs to be taken seriously. Year after year, organic traffic from search engines increases. Currently, in 2021, around 53% of all traffic that filters through websites comes through a search engine.

From this figure alone, you can start to develop a better understanding of how vital this marketing metric is—wanting to know how to improve your website through various SEO practices? Consider becoming knowledgeable on the below.

1.Create engaging content  

The first and most prominent way to improve your SEO is through developing engaging content. Within Google’s algorithm, one of the ranking factors is user on-page time. Notably, increasing your on-page time isn’t just good for improving your SEO, but it dramatically increases your chances of converting viewers into customers. Below are some premium techniques to make your content more engaging:

  Short paragraphs – It’s evident that nobody likes to read large bodies of text. To make your content more engaging, you’ll want to write 4 to 5 sentences max per paragraph, use transition words, and utilize bullet points to increase readability

·       Subheadings – As mentioned, people adore scanning online content. Because of this, help them out by adding subheadings a minimum of once every 300 words. When adding subheadings, try to make them search-relatable, as you could rank for these keywords.

·       Imagery – According to Time, a study from Microsoft Corp concluded that the average human loses concentration after eight seconds. This is remarkably quick, and one way in which you’re able to captivate them further is through branding and imagery. Each of these seems more appealing to look at and is much easier to consume.

·       Video – I left the best to last, and this is video. Dream Grow mentioned that 83% of businesses believe that video marketing provides them an enhanced ROI. People are becoming lazy, and consuming video content Is much easier than reading.

The above ideas are superb for increasing engagement, but consistency also plays an important role. When developing engaging content, create a content strategy. This way, you’ll have an abundance of different content ideas and slowly develop each one, which can increase your web traffic.

2. Always think load speed

Including the above, another important factor you need to consider in your SEO content strategy is load speed. Website speed can be affected due to numerous factors. This includes your web host, image sizes, non-optimized coding, cache, or you have too many plugins.

Needless to say, all of the above issues are actionable, and you should consider load time when trying to improve your SEO. It’s even mentioned that around 40% of all visitors will abandon your site if it takes three or more seconds to load. Because the user clicked on your site and exited right away, it decreases your on-page time. From this, your SEO ranking within search engines will be affected.

3. Increase meaningful content creation

As you can imagine, the more content you create, the more possible keywords you can rank for. This is undoubtedly true, and apart from that, search engines adore fresh and regularly posted content. BKA content even mentioned that websites that post 16+ pieces of content a month gain a 250% increase of indexed traffic.

This indicates the importance of creating content. However, don’t fall into the trap of producing poor content. Whether you’re ranking for a keyword with 50 searches a month or 5,000. The same amount of care and attention is required to outperform your competitors. When creating content, develop easy-to-read pictures, add explainer videos, keep your branding consistent, and always have an end goal.

For example, if you want to captive people’s email addresses, angle your content towards engaging the user to perform that action.

4. Develop backlink content

Something that isn’t spoken about enough is backlink-friendly content. Typically, there are three ways in which you can accumulate backlinks. This is through natural, manual, or self-created links, all are beneficial, yet natural linking is much more sustainable than any other type of backlinking strategy.

To increase your possibilities of natural link building, there are two primary ways. These are:

·       Statistical content – One of my favorite backlinking strategies is developing statistical content. Within this type of content, two websites receive benefits. The first one is you, as you’ll receive a backlink to statistical content. The other will be the website externally linking to your content. Therefore, it’s the perfect trade-off that content creators are happy to undergo.

·       Single-handed experiences – Including the above are single-handed experiences. For example, if you’re well-established within a niche, you can conduct projects, activities, or various other never-seen-before experiences and write about them. This way, it’s fresh content and content that isn’t found anywhere else. Because of this, people are more inclined to link to your website when it’s the only source of information.

How Bright Design Studio can help

After consuming the above information, I’m sure you’re eager to develop a content strategy that’ll enhance your SEO rankings. There’s a lot to think about, and sometimes not everyone is considered an expert within all fields.

It goes without saying that outsourcing and sub-contracting work could speed up and increase the chances of success, and that’s why I want to introduce our services.

Here at Bright Design Studios, we’re experts in developing support, visual, and design strategies. As mentioned above, visuals play an essential role within the engagement levels and, ultimately, SEO rankings.

If you’re someone who hasn’t got the time or isn’t a professional within the field of visual design, then contact us today for a free quote. Here, we can discuss your needs, what you want to improve, and how we can optimize visuals towards your goals.