We at Bright Design Studio provide services unique amongst our competitors, that are of the highest standard possible and give desired results. Our primary services are broadly categorized as follows:

Visualize it!

No business can make strong roots unless it has been planted in a secure and robust visionary plan. We aim to help you realize your vision and guide you in making a plan that would help you form and grow your business. We believe in making your ideas take firm roots and help them grow into a healthy and successful business.

Grow it!

Our team helps you grow your business in the international market. We provide services to ensure your organization will flourish and achieve the vision you have. The following services are available from our team:

  • Market research and brand strategy for both Asian and Western markets

  • Brand positioning and management

  • Social Media Marketing

How our services help people

Our services have helped many individuals realize their entrepreneurship goals. We have helped them start, build, and establish a successful platform to run their business. Our clients include several talented writers, designers, strategists, photographers, and others. Our company is unique in providing all the necessary services under one roof to help your business flourish.

Transparency in services and payments based on market research

All our services are transparent and accessible for you to understand and employ. We offer free first-time consultation to help you get a feel of what we can offer. Once you decide to move ahead, we provide many options to employ and subsequently pay for our services. All our payment methods are transparent and reliable to give you trustworthy and authentic payment options. 

China in relevance to the west in terms of Branding, Marketing + Design research.

China is still a growing market when compared to Western countries. This makes it necessary to adjust a branding and marketing approach to suit the Chinese economy. Digital Services in the West are generally focused on consumer loyalty, branding, and consumer satisfaction. However, when we look at China, all market research is aimed at market entry and forming an initial strategy. These services are, therefore, more focused on pricing strategies, naming policy, market sizing, feasibility analysis, and other market assessment strategies.

Bright Design Studio understands this sharp contrast, and our team makes sure they provide services following your market goals and employing the necessary marketing details. We make sure we incorporate all factors to ensure success in your research and branding strategy. 

Why is visual communication so impactful?

Traditional marketing techniques focus on tangible products that can be seen and felt. Branding and marketing strategies are likewise employed. From distributing pamphlets to introducing free samples to potential customers, these techniques have proved that an actual product is much easier to advertise and sell than their digital counterparts. 

It is more challenging to create digital advertisements with the same physical impact, but also have advantages over traditional ways. The reach is much more in digital marketing, with strategies that can be better molded and targeted towards potential customers. It’s easier to identify and converge your marketing towards your target market.