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George “Lobo” is a Creative Director & Designer coming from Brazil and based in Shanghai, China for 10 years. He is passionate about Interactive and Digital Design, he has worked in Digital production houses, Innovation Consultancies, Experience Marketing & Advertising Agencies. He has lent his experience to clients such as Montblanc, Cadillac, Ocean Grounds, Shanghai GM, Porsche and Ocean Grounds.

Yes, it’s here! We welcome- George Lobo from Brazil, based in Shanghai!

Due to some technical issues, we lost the recording, we apologize to George and we decided to write a special interview piece for him. Please note that Shanghai has been cleared safe from COVID-19, we are still upholding safe practices for prevention.

 Joining us is Elaine, hostess of Bright Minds having an in depth conversation with George.

Photo provided by George

A bit of a background on George: He’s a friend of hers whom she has the honor to meet and learn from. A passionate, funny, and chatterer. George is an expert in Interaction and Branding Design and has worked more than 10 years in Digital and Advertising agencies.

Elaine: Hello George and good morning! How are you doing?

George: Yo Elaine, it’s shiny and sunny today in Shanghai. A very inspiring day!

Elaine: I’m well thank you. Yes it is, we are very lucky for this great sunshine. So let me ask what brought you to Shanghai? And how many years have you been here already?

George: Hm..I think coming 12 years, Shanghai is absolutely amazing it’s a very metropolitan city with experienced and creatives from all around the world from Brazil, like me, Spain, Columbia, Malaysia, France, US and different cities in China. It’s a wonderful city to learn and grow as it is highly innovative. Things move and change very quickly for business and design. It is also a land of opportunities for any person looking for work. China is amazing really it gives opportunities that most people can only dream of.

Elaine: Yes the Chinese dream haha. Wow you are almost a Shanghainese yourself no? Haha..Yes totally agree Shanghai moves at a fast pace there’s definitely a lot of opportunities and new talents here. Would you recommend coming to work in China to a freshly graduate to come here? May I ask what’s the difference between Brazil and Shanghai in your experience?

George: Yes I would highly recommend. Both countries have pros and cons. From Brazil I get the extreme creativity and passion while in China I get a blend of millenary visual culture blended with world class design communication. Brazil digital industry is becoming a formidable foe but not yet what Shanghai is. Also the pace and network one person can grow in Shanghai is extremely useful and makes easier to find a job here. The opportunities are endless here.

Elaine: I have to visit Brazil someday after travel restrictions are lifted. You must show me around! What’s the dish I can’t miss?

George: I miss street food such as pastel from Brazil, this fried snack delicacy. Of course! For sure we will have an AWESOME night out I must show you the beauty of Brazil together! From chill to exciting parties, as well clever and creative companies to collaborate.

Elaine: Yes I look forward to it! Also before I forget Congratulations! You’re a father now! How is your boy doing?

George: Thank you! Yes I’ve recently become a father! I’m very happy. He’s my greatest design and also the greatest inspiration of my life. Being a father made me a better man, a better person (I hope) haha and also designer. My designs improve further because of him, I am thankful everyday for him. 100% better with him than without him.

Elaine: I’m really happy for you! Speaking of inspiration, what do you do everyday to get inspiration for work as a designer?

George: I get inspired by travelling, photography, inspiring conversations I have with my friends, old & new movies as well books. Some of my Artist Inspiration include the legendary Syd Mead, Ash Thorp, Beeple, the never get old but passed away Moebius and early in my youth the epic Frank Frazetta. Nowadays I’m inspired by Nature too, as it is never out of sources of movements, colours, oh and let’s not forget music…the New Retro Wave Movement is a great source for inspirations.

Elaine: Really cool. I will check that artist out for sure. Correct me if I am wrong, you set up the designers AA group right? I went once and it’s really cool this little community you set up. Everyone was just hanging out, catching up and enjoying the party. I made some new friends as well from countries sometimes I never heard of ahaha

George: Not exactly… I started collaborating with Chum and then Momo in 2016, later on we added Quentin Tableau, Victor Sun and Mavis Chen and we grown from 100 something designers to almost 1500 at its peak. I do as a volunteer work to leave the creative community better than when I found upon my arrival. Yes it’s important to be part of a community whether it’s design or not, so you don’t feel alone in your process as a designer. Just chill, unwind, exchange knowledge and enjoy food and drinks. It’s important to have a balance.

Elaine: Thank you for correcting me. Yeap totally. So you mentioned to me that you do kungfu, is that right? What kind of martial arts do you do? Do you mind sharing?

George: Yes I do Wing Chun Kung Fu here in Shanghai for 10 years and I am loving it ! I miss my Chinese brothers they are just the coolest and most badass men I’ve ever met. Learnt so much about discipline, and the philosophy of Wing Chun I would totally recommend you try it at least once in your life.

Elaine: That’s really cool. I did karate for a short while. Where do you practise Wing Chun?

George: For 10 years at this Ju Yong Tang Kung Fu in Changshou Road Subway Station. It’s really fun you have to visit it and try!

Elaine: Sure thing! Ok we are towards the end of this, what’s your favorite inspirational quote?

George: Pulls out his phone* Hmm..give me a moment I have them saved. Here’s a few favorites:

 “Why?” Always “Why?” You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”

– George Bernard Shaw

 And also
“ When we are doing the will of our True Self, we are inevitably doing the Will of the Universe, then it’s possible to do anything wrong.’ – from Alan Moore creator of Lobo from whom I got my second name chosen by myself and improved in Kung Fu.

History of Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kuen (traditional Chinese: 詠春拳), usually called Wing Chun (詠春), is a concept-based traditional Southern Chinese Kung fu (wushu) style and a form of self-defense, that requires quick arm movements and strong legs to defeat opponents.[1] Softness (via relaxation) and performance of techniques in a relaxed manner is fundamental to Wing Chun.

According to legend, it was created by Ng Mui, an abbess who taught it to her student Yim Wing-chun as a means to defend herself against unwanted advances. The martial art is named after her. According to Ip Man, “Chi Sau in Wing Chun is to maintain one’s feeling of opponents movement by staying relaxed all the while keeping in the strength to fight back, much like the flexible nature of bamboo”.[2][3]

Notable practitioners of Wing Chun include Yuen Kay ShanSum NungIp ManIp ChunBruce LeeJackie ChanDonnie Yen and Robert Downey Jr.

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