Website design is important for every business and helps in bringing benefits at large scales. Several websites are using creative styles and designs to bring revenues. They focus more and more on attracting people through their graphics, texts, fonts, and designs. However, few of them take care of consistency in their designs to gain more value. There needs to be internal, external, functional, and visual consistency to create or design something to boost your business. The designs are not always used for business, they can be used for educating people about your products or brand stories. Millions of creatives in this industry do a fabulous job of creating unique ideas for website owners. They try to get involved in user’s needs which helps them to provide new ideas and designs.

What makes a design best for your Business?

There are multiple factors to be taken into account to check a better design. Here are a few of them.

1)   Color Schemes 

The color of your design is the primary thing that someone notices in the first place. If you are trying to think of using fancy colors, you need to first look at the website preferences. There is a need to understand the message that a website wants to deliver to its users. White or black are the two colors that most designers love to use in their designs—even gold color is good to go color for the designers. Bright Design Studio offers good designs for people providing them with their pro services. Check them out to see their stuff.

2)   Texts and Fonts 

Font size in your design matters, as well as the text theme. There are hundreds of font schemes found on your computer to try. It depends totally on the design which one he would like to use. Times New Roman is a font scheme that most of the design tend to use in their designs as it shows plain and symmetrical text in your designs. It is not a compulsion really to use a specific font for a design. It can change depending on the design structure. The size of these texts is also not the same; it varies according to the needs.

3)   Proximity and Scales

The way elements are arranged and gathered/grouped in a design is called proximity. It draws the attention of the viewers more towards the whole design. It also maintains unity, creates a relationship and connection of all the elements used in the design. In comparison, scales provide balance and contrast to the design. If you use a design with inappropriate scales and proximity, the user doesn’t find it attractive and eye-catching and forces him to leave your page right away.

4)   Repetition  

It sounds overwhelming, but in the case of designs, it’s not. Repetition provides symmetry when used with different colors and scales. It also strengthens your design by connecting different elements. However, repetition of the same element also reduces the Consistency and vulnerability of your design. So always try to maintain a limit for using elements in your designs.

5)   Space 

Balanced space among the element also attracts people at certain levels. It helps people in drawing attention to your designs in a positive term. It shows consistency in your design and creates a soothing feeling to the viewers. If there is space in different proportions in the design, the user will find it irritating and leave your page.

6)   Your Creativity 

Last but not least, your own point of view matters more than anything else. If you are looking to create something, you must know why you are after it. Who’s your audience, and what is the purpose of your design? If you aren’t satisfied with the outcome, how can you be somebody else? You must have a clear vision of what you want. However, you may ask your friends to give suggestions on your design as well. That’s what a good designer does. 


Bright Design Studio — Offering multiple services

Finding a reliable team isn’t an easy task these days. People rush to get work done and find themselves in difficult scenarios while hiring a professional. The bright design studio offers multiple services to its clients. The professional teams manage the workload. The Services include graphic designing, logo designing, website page designing, and many more at a very reasonable price. You can ask for a quote by mentioning your work details. Visit them to see the valuable stuff they had offered to their clients previously. 

Types of Consistency:

There are four types of Design Consistency. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

 1)   Visual Consistency

Visual Consistency involves the use of similar elements in your design. It helps the user to learn things quickly. The font, text, and picture sizes are used in a well-behaved and similar manner to understand the design concept easily. Visuals are the strongest ways to elaborate on your feeling. Although designers don’t use video effects in these designs, the designs still have much significance. 

2) Functional Consistency

Functional Consistency involves the use of the same functions while designing the product or a design. It increases the predictability in the design and reduces Confusion. There must be symmetry in your designs which helps your viewer to learn and predict things efficiently.

3)   Internal Consistency

Internal Consistency is the mixture of both functional and visual Consistency. It increases the predictability and usability of a design. The user will be better positioned to understand the design concept when it keeps the internal Consistency in the design. For example, when he adds different colors in the design, taking a main color same throughout the design, it will be easier for the user to understand the final message. 

4)   External Consistency 

This External Consistency is achieved when the user understands one design concept and moves further to see another piece of the product having the same terminology in that design. It helps him understand the second design within seconds as he has gotten the concept for the first one. 

Why is it important to have consistency in your designs? 

Design consistency provides multiple advantages if you are a businessman. Your business gets more benefits when you have a great design on your business blogs and pages. Here are few things to notice about your designs in terms of your business.

 1)   It stands out your business in online/offline market 

Using creative and attractive designs bring multiple advantages to your business. It has been noticed that a consistent design helps in growing and providing more sales to your business. It helps you to beat your competitors in the market. Your design shows your professionalism and makes people come to your place more often. You receive fewer complaints and more sales in the meanwhile. It also saves your time to promote your products through advertisements.

2)   It creates a good first impression 

A design can decrease your potential clients/buyers or make your business stand out in the market. It always impacts your visitors’ decision. But there is a problem. People often get their designs done by themselves or use pre-made designs as they find it expensive to spend money on creating new designs, or uplift their website designs. Here is when they lose. How you tell your story online matters. What do they need to do then? Hire a professional or an agency. Multinational companies are having experienced individuals in the graphic designing market. Bright Design Studio is one of them that offers comprehensive designs for businesses.  

3)   It raises the visibility of your business in campaigns 

Every business needs to advertise its brand identity when it starts. Your brand design helps you in campaigns and visualize more on advertisement banners. When there are hundreds of companies looking to advertise their brands in the online market, how will you be able to dominate in the market? Creating a fantastic web brand design helps you out in this kind of situation. If you want to differentiate yourself from others in the market, you need to elaborate your services through a strong brand message. Otherwise, you will lag behind others in the race. It is the designers’ responsibility to understand how viewers will perceive their designs.

4)   It can encourage your audience

We were discussing design for businesses before. However, we can take an example of a design that educates people. Many NGOs also use their brand designs and make people learn about those at the same time. These designs can encourage people to help those organizations. These designs aren’t usually based on visuals. There is more wording involves in such designs. It doesn’t matter if there aren’t visuals in those designs as putting words into a design talks to the people directly. So, if a mixture of both texture and visual is taken into account, it can help you more as a business owner—making people understand your cause. Therefore, using simple elements, styles, and background images can reduce friction, which prevents people from understanding real issues. Most of the multinational fundraising companies use different logos to encourage people to participate.

5)   It can avoid confusion

Design or logo is something that can work right when the user gets what the design says. Similarly, when your viewers or audiences fail to understand what you are elaborating through design, it is considered a wrong design. Consistency in your design makes sure that there are no confusions at all. Sometimes, a designer gets too much into creativity, ending up losing the real meaning of the design and making it more inconsistent. In that case, the audience gets frustrated and chooses to move on to another page. It can make you feel miserably bad at times. Different designers have their thoughts; some consider a consistent design can block the path of their innovation and feel that the final product felt boring.

Well, Bright Design Studio considers both points, preserving consistency and creating an innovative design for your company.