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With a multitude of platforms, apps, and websites centered around sharing and displaying media, no one can deny that visual reigns supreme. A hundred different things will try to catch a consumer’s attention while they’re facing a screen, so it pays to make your brand stand out. We at Bright Design Studio have nailed down a design formula that will not only attract a customer but also convince them to ascribe to your business!

It all begins and ends with your branding. Your company’s message, the type of people you want to work with, and your core values should all be made apparent at the first glance — and to do that, one needs to employ the masterful use of color, typeface, and other visual elements.

We ensure that your brand comes across as impactful yet professional, disruptive yet resonant.

Our creative team is adept at manufacturing logos, interfaces, and graphics that pack a punch! We ensure that your brand comes across as impactful yet professional, disruptive yet resonant. It is no wonder that through these expert services, we’ve gotten yet another five-star rating on the B2B reviews platform, Clutch!

For this project, we provided branding services for a children’s educational facility. We designed a suite of creative assets that they could use for promotional purposes. It was a straightforward engagement that began with a discovery of the client’s business, vision, goals, and market profile. Once we captured all the necessary information, we translated these into visually engaging designs that could guarantee success for a growing company like theirs. 

Their design is outstanding and clear to read.

— Manager, kids r kids Shanghai

Bright Design Studio strives to bring the best to every engagement and this was no exception. We kept our client in the loop, gathered their feedback on our work, and made changes and revisions accordingly. As if a notable project on Clutch was not rewarding enough already, we’ve also merited ourselves a mention on a newly launched B2B website, Top Design Firms! There, we rank among the top full-service digital agencies around the world!

Of course, none of this would have been possible without our clients who’ve imparted honest feedback on our services. We continue to value your satisfaction highly as we gain traction in the world of B2B! Looking to develop your brand and buff up your marketing efforts? You’ve come to the right place! Talk to us today to get started. 



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